Heat Press Valentines Glitter Rhinestone Iron on Transfer Vinyl

Color:As the motif
Material:Printable Vinyl,glitter,rhinestone
ContactUs:Any customized design according to your own thought,send email to sales@peakemb.com
Note:The color maybe have some difference ,it’s depend on monitor,but the actual order according to the actual product.Rhinestone transfer ,heat transfer vinyl,custom deisgn etc is our main business.

Information is for reference only. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Heat Press Valentines Glitter Rhinestone Iron on Transfer Vinyl
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Product Detail

Stock design

  • All of the design in our website are stock design,MOQ :25 Pcs.
  • Stone are korea rhinestone
  • high quality & First-class service just for you.

Customize Transfer designs for Your Business

  • Free Customization
  • One-to-one Serivce
  • Qucik Feedbakc for Designs

How to Apply

  1. Take off the protective foil from the tape. Check design to make sure that the material have not be moved. Use tweezers to replace any that have moved out of place.
  2. Place the transfer motif on the required position of the cloth.
  3. Turn inside out and lay it on the heat press. Set 343°F. Press for about 17 seconds. Required application time is completed, release the press. (Different material, please check the attached form for the press time and temperature)
  4. Remove the sticker from the cloth after cooling.
  5. Finished

Tips & Warnings

* If you are going to put the transfer to heavier fabrics, press for a little more time.

ALT Rhinestone,Glitter,Sequin,Metallic Vinyl Vinyl,Rhinestud,Nailhead
Pressure(KG) 2.8-3.2 2.8-3.2
Temperature 340°F-343°F/171°C-173°C 340°F-343°F/171°C-173°C
Time(S) 16-17 15-16

* Turn inside for wash and set dryer on low to dry.